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          How to improve the accuracy of the surface shape of the spline shaft gear

          发布日期:2016-9-14 浏览次数: 340次

          Spline shaft gear groove comprises two lateral plane and a circular arc path structure. The method of improving the profile accuracy of the side surface is mainly by detecting and adjusting the method of improving the lateral shape precision of the milling machine, making the milling spindle axis and the longitudinal feed direction perpendicular to the three face milling cutter side face. The main method to improve the accuracy of the circular arc shape of the path is the path of forming cutter, angle cutter on both sides of the profile is slightly smaller than the groove angle, and arc length and arc spline shaft gear slot is basically the same.

          Due to the precision grinding of the circular arc blade, the milling of the small diameter of the arc mask has a high shape accuracy. In order to ensure the diameter of the circular cylinder, we should pay attention to the precise alignment of the workpiece axis and the working table.