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          Spline shaft lubrication requirements

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          1, to have the proper viscosity and good viscosity temperature. The viscosity of lubricating oil can not be too low, or can not form a thick enough oil film. At the same time, the viscosity can not be too large, to prevent not easy to start in low temperature when.

          2, to have a good extreme pressure performance. The curve of bevel gears and hypoid gear, helical gear and worm gear, between them is a point and line contact, under large load and high speed, the working condition is harsh, therefore, there must be a very good pressure.

          3, to have a good antioxidant properties. The process of gear load running in high speed and strong, high temperature oxidation, deterioration, easy therefore, lubricating oil under high temperature conditions should have antioxidation.

          4, to have a good anti-corrosion properties. In the process of operation of the spline shaft, due to oxidation and the effects of additives, the tooth surface has certain corrosion in water and oxygen conditions susceptible to corrosion, so the spline shaft oil should have good corrosion resistance.