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          Involute spline shaft centering precision

          发布日期:2016-9-14 浏览次数: 387次

          Involute spline shaft for large loads, the centering accuracy requirement is high, and the larger the size of the link. Involute tooth profile is loaded on the gear radial force, can play the role of auto centering, so that each tooth uniform stress, strength and long service life, the same processing technology and gear, easy to get a higher precision and interchangeability.

          Rectangular gear spline shaft is widely used, such as aircraft, automobile, tractor, machine tool manufacturing, agricultural machinery and general mechanical transmission equipment, etc.. Features: multi tooth gear spline shaft, high bearing capacity, good neutral, good orientation, the root is shallow, small stress concentration, shaft and hub strength weakened, the processing is convenient, can obtain high precision grinding method. There are two series in the standard (light series and Series).