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          Knowledge of gear spline shaft

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          Gear spline shaft processing: the main cutting, milling and other cutting methods can also be used to cold, cold rolling (see forming rolling) and other plastic deformation of the processing method.

          1: the use of spline hob hobbing method in gear spline shaft milling machine or gear hobbing machine processing method according to the exhibition.

          2: grinding method with forming grinding wheel in grinding gear spline shaft spline tooth grinding on the car side and bottom diameter, suitable for Machining Hardened gear spline shaft or to show higher accuracy, especially in gear spline shaft diameter centering.

          3 cold play: in a special machine tool.

          4: milling method on universal milling machine with special forming milling cutter directly from tooth profile, dividing head for dividing tooth by tooth milling cutter, if not, can also be used two cutter and milling on both sides of a tooth, tooth by tooth milling machine after using a disc cutter on the bottom diameter slightly but dressing. The productivity and precision is low, mainly for single and small batch production processing to the outer diameter of the spline shaft and the gear centering pure hard before the rough machining.

          Our company production and scientific research as one of a variety of vehicles, agricultural vehicles, tractor, wheel tractor various spline shaft production in northern region, various types of Koshiba Ma, a variety of hydraulic wheel suspension assembly is the largest production base. With an annual output of 300 thousand sets of all kinds of spline shaft (sleeve), 600 thousand series of small diesel crankshaft, hydraulic suspension assembly 80 thousand Taiwan (sets).

          Our company has been sophisticated equipment, high-quality products, good reputation by the broad masses of customers trust. The main products for many years in support of Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group, Shifeng group, Yancheng Yueda group Tractor Company, Changzhou yameike group, Jiangsu Jintan Swan power, Zhejiang Sifang group, Fuzhou goldfish fly, Shandong Wuzheng group and Jiangxi ganfa, Wuhan Huanghe, Japan's Yanmar and many domestic and foreign large and medium-sized OEMs, product market coverage rate rose.